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Meet The EnergyPro Team

The EnergyPro Team is a group of leading energy experts and analysts providing commercial advisory services to corporate organisations, financial institutions, EU and national governments. 

Our areas of focus are:

  • Innovate – building tools and programmes that accelerate investment into energy and resource efficiency.
  • Inform – providing advisory services, authoring reports and books.
  • Incubate – helping develop new ventures from early stage through to expansion by providing governance structures, strategic and operational advice, and capital raising.
  • Invest – acquiring assets, companies, projects or IP.

The Core Team Consists of:

Meet Dr Steven Fawkes

Steve Fawkes

For over 30 years Steve has advocated and implemented new techniques in energy management and efficiency, including early use of Monitoring and Targeting, employee engagement programmes, new energy service models, renewables and standardization of energy efficiency projects. He has had a significant impact on energy efficiency in the UK and beyond through the large efficiency programmes he has implemented, his advisory work, prolific writing, public speaking and fund raising.

Steve brings a wide experience base, as well as deep technical and financial understanding of the energy sector and the role of energy efficiency within it. For corporates, public sector bodies and governments looking to improve energy productivity he can bring fresh insight and momentum to existing energy efficiency programmes.  For corporates looking for growth opportunities in the new energy economy he can bring insight, strategy and implementation skills covering both Operations and M&A.  For technology companies and funds looking to develop new ventures he brings sector knowledge, extensive global contacts in industry and finance, experience of raising capital, and a real commitment to implementing good governance based on a strong belief in the importance of ensuring ethics in business.

Meet Matt Pumfrey

Matt Pumfrey

Matt has had a lifelong passion for sustainability and has worked in the sector his whole career. A career that has seen him set up and run his own businesses, as well as create and run a sustainability and energy services business for a FTSE100 outsourced services organisation.

Matt specialises in identifying and translating sustainability goals for business and developing strategies, processes and operating models to enable these goals to be delivered. He has a proven track record in building businesses that take advantage of emerging sustainability markets. He has a clear understanding of the social, economic and environmental business drivers, the risks they may pose and how to mitigate them along with a pragmatic approach to delivering successful business outcomes.

Matt’s passion for sustainability remains undiminished and his expertise and experiences have become increasingly relevant at this time of disruption and change within the energy and resource efficiency markets.

Meet Mike Tivey

Mike Tivey

Mike has 25 years’ commercial and corporate experience in the property, energy services, and engineering, construction and PFI sectors. His career has spanned the start-up, early stage business through to the large corporate arena having worked at executive board and divisional level for a FTSE250 outsourcing and energy services company.

Mike is himself an entrepreneur who has experienced the dynamism and fulfilment of investing, driving the development of and ultimately selling the energy services and infrastructure business he co-founded. Subsequently, he had the privilege of extending that opportunity to other entrepreneurs in the development of businesses, which responded to the growth in the emerging energy services market.

Chris Clapham

Chris Clapham

Chris has over 20 years’ experience working in real estate, clean technology and energy efficiency.  As an experienced entrepreneur, Chris specialises in identifying opportunities and creating value within these fields. He has delivered innovative models that prove the increase in commercial real estate value through improved resource efficiency.

Chris also has extensive international experience in VC investing, fund raising, M&A and IPO, and developed a Pan European Clean Tech fund, focused on solar thermal, waste to energy, intelligent glazing and smart meter technologies.  He has also led the development of new models for energy services in the real estate sector.

delvin lane

Delvin Lane

Delvin has worked in the energy sector for 20 years, creating and growing successful energy services businesses for companies such as EDF and delivering comprehensive energy and carbon strategies to a number of FTSE 250 and public sector organisations.

Delvin has been instrumental in developing innovative energy performance contracts (EnPC) delivering in excess of £300m of financed, guaranteed energy savings projects.  In addition he has supported organisations such as the Energy Managers Association in standardising and de-risking the contractual structure of EnPCs.

Delvin is now focussed on providing M&A, strategy planning and transition execution for EnergyPro clients.

Meet Panama Bartholomy

Panama Bartholomy

Panama Bartholomy has 14 years’ experience in this sector and has managed and implemented some of the largest climate and energy programmes in the US.  He is a former Board Member of the US Green Building Council and has worked on policy and programme solutions for communities facing energy efficiency, energy, land use and climate change challenges.

Panama combines frontline experience with national and local policy and has been highly active in regulatory and utility arenas. Panama is currently director of the Investor Confidence Project Europe, developing methodologies and protocol standards for energy efficiency project development.

Meet Jurgen Hornman

Jurgen Hornman

Jurgen Hornman is a Senior professional with 15 years’ extensive international experience in M&A, corporate development, operations, investment and restructuring in the Energy, Infrastructure and Clean Technology sectors.

Jurgen has successfully grown advisory boutiques and LED light companies, and specialises in Smart Grid, LED Lighting and IoT-Enabled Efficiency technologies and their solutions.


Quitterie de Rivoyre

Quitterie comes from a consulting background and is currently Programme Manager of the Investor Confidence Project Europe. She most recently worked as an Analyst for Cleantech Group in the United States, helping big corporates develop commercial and technology partnerships with cleantech start-ups.

Prior to Cleantech Group, Quitterie has worked with Engie and Total in Paris, on various strategy and communication projects. She holds a BA in History and Philosophy from La Sorbonne University, and a Master’s in Finance & Strategy from Sciences Po Paris.

As well as the core team, EnergyPro can access an international range of Associates with expertise in the energy and finance sectors, language skills including: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, and operational experience in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America.